The 48th

Today marks my 48th year.  I have loved each and every trip around the sun, but this year just feels a little different.  I have felt every bit the 10-year-old as the texts, calls, cards, and hugs started pouring in from far and wide.  I am certain that even my dog smiled at me this morning.   And I needed no convincing that a few special souls above had some influence on the songs that popped up on my radio all day long. Indeed June 13th has been very good to me, and I hope that I have been good to June 13th.

Those who know me well know that I am the simplest of souls. I have never desired the things that shine and sparkle or dress and impress, which often creates a challenge for the gift-giving hearts of those closest to me. While I expected the beloved homemade cards and flowers to be arranged on the kitchen table when I awoke, my husband called to tell me to look outside by the barn, for it was there that I would find my gifts wrapped in the day’s sunshine.

Guided by his voice on the phone, I was led to two of the finest rocks my heart has ever seen.  Indeed they were from the earth, but they weren’t mined and shined.  There were no carats, no diamond cuts, nor silver and gold settings to be found.


These massive rocks came from the roots of my grandfather’s birthplace, a little more than a stone’s throw from our house.  I imagine the hands of my great-grandfather may have even touched them as he was building a home for his own young family.   I got excited thinking about where we were going to place them around the home that we have created for our children.

Tears, smiles, and laughs filled my morning thinking of the stories my kids will certainly tell of the year that dad gave mom two rocks for her birthday.  I imagine the story will be long repeated for generations to come, but you know what?

Those rocks will still be here.

You see each birthday brings with it something new and this year it is the realization that the older I get, the less I see with my eyes and the more I see with my heart.   At a time in my life when I find myself reaching for my eyeglasses, it just may be my heart that helps me to clearly see what’s really of value, what’s really precious, what’s really worth never forgetting.

Unknown-4Today I saw many of you, not with my eyes, but with my heart.  I saw you in every Happy Birthday wish wished my way.  I saw you all with my eyes closed and you were a beautiful sight!

From my heart to yours, thank you.


6 thoughts on “The 48th

  1. What a wonderfully perfect birthday gift! This is a beautiful story Paula. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday.


  2. Girl….your words make my eyes leak every time I read them!! Probably because I’m connected to that land…that dirt…those rocks…those precious people…and my heart longs to be back in the place where I began my earthly journey…..breathed my first breath…HOME❤️


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